Time to Rejoice as 51% Desis get Permanent Residency in Canada

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With Trump in the seat and scrapping immigration policies like nobody’s business, the American dream of tons of Indians seems to be burning to ashes. A research paper on H1B visas by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) says there was a 42% increase in denial of H1B petitions of Indian-born professionals from the third to the fourth quarter of FY2017. And what worries experts, even more, is the fact that citizens are deported immediately once their application gets denied. But, we are here with good news. The polite and honestly the nicer neighbour of America is welcoming us “curry people” with open arms. 

The Canadian Government has come with and a very smart process referred to as the Express Entry Programme. Under this programme, candidates are required to complete an online profile, and then,are put into the Express Entry Pool. Each candidate is ranked according to their relating ranks against other candidates with a comprehensive ranking system (CRS). The system then evaluates the chance of the candidate to secure a job within the country based on their age, education, work experience, English and French proficiency. Candidates who secure the cut off marks which is set at a maximum of 1200 is sent “invitations to apply” for permanent residency.

Thanks to this system of the Canadian Government, the year 2018 saw a whopping 51% increase in Indians acquiring permanent residency in Canada. As many as 39,500 Indian citizens got their taste of the Canadian Green Card. This comes as a ray of home for all desis both inside and outside of India.

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